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Experiencing A New World (Peter Parker Love Story)

No birth certificate, no name, this girl doesn't even exist.
After a peculiar disturbance, Tony Stark sets out to find the cause of it. What he found was something he never expected. A young girl, about the age of fifteen, with an extraordinary ability. As time moves on, she realizes that there is a whole different world out there and she wants to explore every inch of it. Tony knows it's dangerous, that's why he introduces her to someone who might help at keeping her grounded. Growing close to her new friend, she never quite expected to find such a crazy, fun, yet messed up world. And it's only a matter of time before people try to come after her, making her whole new experience much more difficult.
(I do not own Marvel, I only own my character and her story)

1: Disturbance

Tony Stark’s P.O.V.

        Working in the lab at the Avengers Base, I tinker with a few projects when I’m hearing an alert signal from one of our screens. Turning around in my seat, I ask. “FRIDAY, what’s that?”

        “There seemed to have been a huge disturbance in the energy field.” FRIDAY alerts me.

        Becoming curious, I look over to the screen. “What kind of disturbance?”

        “Not sure.” I get as my reply. “It’s on the coast of Maine.”

        “Do we have a visual?” I question, standing to my feet as I get in closer. Examining the waves of the disturbance. There’s no sound, but there’s a huge wave that hits and radiates for a second. What is this?

        “We do now.” FRIDAY responds, bringing up a screen with a picture from a sky view.

        I observe the image, finding that’s it’s a fairly large building. I zoom out, finding that this place seems to be in the middle of nowhere, a forest around. That gives off the impression that this is a hidden organization. It’s there messing with something that gives off this energy wave, there’s something not right that going on in there.”

        “Do we have any leads?” I ask, crossing my arms. “Know anything about this place? Rumors? Who owns the land?”


        So this place isn’t known, a place that doesn’t exist.

        Well….that’s great.

        I look at the energy wave visual again. “Was there any sound?”

        “No. There was only a disturbance in the field.” FRIDAY declares.

        I sigh, letting out a long breath of air. Normally, I would jump on in and go out to investigate the situation. But having signed the Accords, I have to get permission to go. I have to get checked out.

        “Is there any activity going on right now?” I ask, getting into this further.

        “None, by the looks of it.”

        As if by coincidence, Rhodey walks in. “Hey, Tony, I th-”

        “Rhodey,” I mumble. “I need you to run this by Secretary Ross so I can get on over there and check it out.”

        He looks at me, then towards the screen I’m staring at. “What is it?”

        “I don’t know.” I claim. “That’s why I need to go out there and find out.”

        Making his way over to me, he gets a closer. “Well, what happened?”

        “See for yourself.” I gesture to the screens, walking over to my project that I was currently working on beforehand. “Something messed with the energy field. Don’t know who owns the property, don’t know what goes on over there.”

        He looks at it all, examining all the little details that we have. “Any ideas of what could have caused this?”

        I shrug only a little. “Beats me. That’s why I’m wanting to investigate.”

        “I’ll send them right over.” Rhodes states. “Need any back up?”

        I shake my head. “I think it’ll be okay. There’s no activity going around there. Maybe the people there evacuated. Either way, there’s something going on there.”

        “I’ll let you know the results.”


        Worst part thing about needing clearance to go somewhere, it takes a few hours. But I know that this is for the good, that it’s better to be checked through this.

        “It’s been 4 hours Rhodes.” I speak as I hear him enter the lab. “You better have my results.”

        “I do.” He mutters. “You’ve got permission to move forward.”

        “Thanks.” I reply, leaving the lab quickly and calling out for my suit.


        Flying through the air at top speed, I finally get to my destination. Observing the facility from up above, I see that this building seems to only have one level. But there are no windows.

        I land easily, walking right up to where I believe the main entrance is. I look at the tall steel doors that would open right in the middle. Something tells me that it’s going to be locked. Holding up my hand, I blast the doors. The result, they swing open fast, slamming on the walls from the inside.

        “Son of a bitch.” I mutter under my breath.

        All across the floors of the hallway, dead bodies lie scattered on the floor. I take a step in, immediately feeling a chill run through me. This place is freezing cold. I look up above, finding that there are no windows on the ceiling. There weren’t any windows anywhere on this building.

        “What the hell happened to all of you?” I ask through a mumble, not expecting to get any answers back from the dead bodies.

        As I walk around further down the hall, I order. “FRIDAY, hack into the computer frame and take all the files these guys have.”

        “Will do.” FRIDAY responds.

        Making my way around, I ask. “FRIDAY, what happened here?”

        “Not sure. About five hours ago this whole place initialized one last action in this base.”

        “And what was that?” I interrogate, grabbing ahold of a doorknob. Flicking my wrist, I go to turn it but it appears to be locked.

        “Automatic Shut Down Mode.”

        So these guys shut this place down. Was this before or after everyone died?

        “You said five hours ago,” I comment. “Was this before or after the energy disturbance?”

        “A few seconds after.” FRIDAY responds.

        “Exactly how many seconds?” I ask, kicking down the door.


        As I look inside, I find that it seems to be an interrogation room, a mirror on the wall. No one’s inside, and I move to the other door.

        Two seconds, that means that it was automatically shut down. A machine would have set it off, not a person. But what caused this shut down then?

        I break down the other door, finding that two people in lab coats are on the ground.

        “Do we know the cause of death?” I question.

        “Not sure.”

        “Keep me posted.”

        On this whole level, I’ve found an interrogation room, break room, a room with all of their weapons and such. But there’s still not one thing that tells me why these people are all dead.

        After searching down all of the hallway, I find myself facing an elevator. This place was a one level based on the outside, but there has to be a basement then.

        Since I don’t see a way of turning this power back on, I aim my lazer down to the floor. I burn out a circle and it falls all the way to the ground. I jump through, landing steady and taking a look around. The only lights that are on are the emergency lights still, nothing more.

        I have the helmet move out of the way and I take a look around this place. I open up any doors that I can find, finding a few labs, computers and normal science stuff inside. My god, this place is freezing.

        I open another door, finding that it’s a full of weapons. Bombs, guns, grenades, anything that you can possibly think of. Who the hell are these guys?

        Moving on down the hall, I begin to think that I’m not going to find anything useful.

        But then I make it to this room.

        Standing in the doorway, I find that there’s one small bed, the sheets made neat. One pillow, then sheets. No extra blankets, nothing. I look up, finding one light fixture. There’s only a bed. Where’s the bathroom? Where is anything? Does anyone even sleep in here?

        With the questions getting added to the list, I step out and continue down the hall. What are people going to say about this place? As I continue , I only see that there is one more destination for me. At the end of this hall, a door stands that runs up all the way to the ceiling. As I examine the door, I find that it slides from the right to completely close off. It’s not even one with a place to try and open in. It’s made of metal.

        If this whole place was on shut down, why would this door be here? They’re either keeping something out...or they’re keeping something inside.

        Holding out a hand, I burn a hole in the steel door. I push it out of the way and walk inside.

        What the hell?

        About twenty or more bodies lie around. Four are soldiers while all the others are scientists by the looks of it.

        “I’m getting a heat signature up ahead, to the right.” FRIDAY comes through.

        I look around, finding that there are chemicals, medical devices and tools, different corners hold a strange device that would hold someone. In the left corner, a vat of water, taller than me stands. In the right corner, a chair, something you would find in a horror dentistry. It’s only made of steel, a place to lay your feet outward above the ground and your arms to be spread out.

        But what really captures my attention is the body that lies on the floor next to the chair.

        I look at where the heat signature is coming from, finding that it’s from that body over there.

        As I make my way closer, I examine the long black hair that is splayed out on the ground. It must be a girl. She’s lying on her side, facing away from me. Her clothes are bland, grey pants with a grey shirt. They don’t look soft either. They look to be rough.

        Bending down beside her, I poke her arm. “Hey. You awake?”

        She doesn’t stir.

        I sigh, moving her body so she lies flat on the floor on her back. I get a good chance to look at her but I grow concerned.

        Dried crimson blood seems to have fallen from her nose. She’s pale, as if she’s never seen the sunlight and her long black hair holds calms waves to it. By my guess, she’s in her teens, maybe by the least fifteen.

        I shake her shoulder a little. “Kid, you gotta wake up.”

        She doesn’t respond for a moment until I shake a little more forceful. A small groan can be heard in the deathly silence of this room. Her eyes begin to flutter open, green can be seen as her eye color. Barely open, her eyes fall on me.

        This girl looks like she has something to say, but she then begins closing her eyes once again. Her breathing returns to normal as she falls back asleep.

        As I look around the room, I suddenly become aware of something.

        Did she do this? Is she the reason these people are all dead? I mean, she’s the only one in this place that’s alive. Everyone that I’ve seen has been wearing either lab coats or a uniform all in black. Also, this is the only girl, the only child in this whole building.

        No, this girl couldn’t have done this. There would have been no possible way for her to kill all these people while she was in here. But then, this question still stands.

        Why are these people dead?

        Looking back down at the girl, I’m conflicted. Seeing this girl, I’m supposed to bring her in for the government so she can be questioned. But...look at her. Something happened, I don’t know the whole story. What if she’s in trouble? What would they do to her?

        “FRIDAY, you got everything transferred yet?” I ask in a mutter.

        “Yes, Boss.”

        “Good. We’re going back to the base and we’re taking this girl with us.” I state. “Don’t notify anyone of this, not until I get the whole story.”

First chapter!! I know that this was just a bunch of nothing where we have no idea what's going on but it's good :) at least I hope so haha
Anyway, this story won't be going anywhere, I'm not going to give up on it :)
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