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One of the most powerful quirks in existence, the quirk of the four elements. Such a shame you were born quirkless and did not inherit your father's strong quirk. However, with an astonishing IQ of 201, you still managed to get into U.A on the journey to become the first quirkless hero in history.


"Honestly? Are you sure? I am worried about you." 

"Dad, please, I've travelled here a thousand times." 

"I know! But this time, it's not just you travelling. You're moving back, without me or your mother. You're with Hajime, and you know how he is! He is a hero and

"Speaking about Hajime, I think I see him now." 

The blue-haired male lifted up his hand in the crowd when he saw you come through the gates with your luggage rolling behind you. He had a mask on, covering over his nose and his blue hair tied back into a bun. He was quite tall and slim, instantly standing out by the people all waiting for their families. You shook your hood off your head, to revel your greasy hair after the long flight from the US. 

"Yup, that's him. I'm off dad, super tired. Talk to you tomorrow", you mumbled into your phone. Before your father continued protesting about you moving all the way back to Japan, you hung up and exhaled through your nose. You understood him, you were his only daughter and you've been living with him and your mother in the US since you were a child. It must be hard for him to let you go. 

"Hey, lil sis", Hajime smiled while pulling you into a tight embrace. "Long time no see, I've missed you." 

You smiled into his shoulder, the 15-hour flight draining all your energy. Though your father was kind enough to pay for first-class — being the number one hero in the US had its benefits, you still felt exhausted after sitting still for so many hours. Your legs felt wobbly and you did not manage to fall sleeping during the flight. 

"What's with the mask?" you questioned once you pulled away and tugged gently on the black mask covering half of his face. 

"I imagined you don't want to swarm by people and paparazzi, do you?" Hajime said and swatted your fingers away. "Firstly, dad is the number one hero in the US, he used to be the number one hero here 10 years ago. Secondly, I am the number four hero here in Japan. Don't you think this place would have flooded with people if I showed my face? Last time I saw you, you were smart. What happened?" 

"Listen, it's been over 15 hours. It's dark and for the record..." You glanced over to the paparazzi a few metres away, hiding behind a pillar while snapping photos of the two of you. "I think your disguise would have been better if you covered your hair too. Or a pair of sunglasses. They hopefully won't think we're dating." 

Hajime did a disgusted face at your statement. If the media believed you two were dating it would definitely be an awkward encounter once the truth came out. You are his sister, his little sister. You had changed a lot from the last time Hajime saw you; when you visited him a few years ago. You were a woman now, not the little kid who would hold his hand while walking down the street.

Hajime grabbed your luggage and guided you to his car, trying to avoid the paparazzi as discreetly as possible. You pulled your hood over your head again as you followed him, eyes inspecting his broad shoulders and his black shirt sticking to his back muscles. He was defiantly stronger since the last time you saw him — gosh, when was that? Five years ago? You came to visit him in Japan for a short amount of time, by then he had just graduated U.A and was on his journey to get into the top 10 heroes. It seemed as if his dream finally came into place since he was now number four. It was not hard for him, with that quirk of his all he needed to do was to mention the name of your father. 

You wondered, why Japan and not the US? Hajime moved back to Japan when he enrolled U.A and never went back to the US afterwards. Deep down, you had the answer. Hajime did not want to compete with his dad, since his dad was currently in the first place and they had the exact same quirk. Due to your mother being quirkless, there was not much from her side to inherit. 

The air was filled with gas as you stepped outside to the cold Tokyo night. The breeze of April did not chill you down, it was rather relaxing. Especially after so many hours packed inside a crowded airport.

You sat in the passenger seat as Hajime put your luggage in the back. Afterwards, he came to the front and sat down and started the car. By now, a crowd had followed you out of the airport and the few paparazzi turned into a gathering of people. 

"You sure are famous here, are you?" you mumbled as you eyed the crowd snapping photos of you. Hajime did not pay them any mind, he simply pulled off his mask and drove out of the parking lot. "Your dream finally came true, eh?" 

"This isn't my dream", Hajime said while nodding to the paparazzi one last time before they disappeared out of view. "My dream is to save people. I guess that is just a bonus." 

"You sound like dad." 

"The man, the myth, the legend himself. He still the number one in the US?" 

You hummed softly as an answer, yes he was. Your entire family wanted to save people, your father influenced all of you from a young age. However, it was almost given you and your mother had a different way to save people. She had a flower shop back in the US which she believed brought happiness into people's lives.

"So when do you start?" Hajime questioned after a while of driving. 

"Two days from now." 


"I guess." You rubbed your hands together as you glanced at your brother. "Do they.... know?" 

"Know what—oh." Hajime cleared his throat awkwardly. It was never an easy topic to talk about, he knew the amount of anxiety and hatred you felt towards yourself — and your mother for a period in your life, for being born this way. Hajime would catch you watching the same interview of your father from years ago, where your father gladly spoke about having a son inherit his magical quirk and soon a daughter. Therefore, your brother did his best to avoid bringing that subject up. 

"The teachers know. I had to tell them when I recommended you", Hajime eventually answered truthfully. "But not the rest of the students. You don't have to tell them, you can say your quirk is your high IQ. That could actually be a quirk." 

"My IQ is high enough to understand they will eventually figure it out", you laughed bitterly. You could not help but wonder — was the reason U.A took you in for your brother and father's status? Of course it was, what else? All of you shared the same last name and even though US heroes are not commonly spoken about, your father used to live in Japan, where he scored number one hero when All Might was in America. However, that was years ago, you thought everyone had forgotten but by the crowded airport, you could figure out your family was still a well-talked subject in Japan. 

"Honestly, and I want you to be completely honest", you said, your voice gradually dropping. "Can someone like me actually become a pro-hero?" 

Hajime licked his lips, eyes never leaving the road as he leaned back in his seat. He remained quiet for a while, probably figuring out what to say with his dark-blue eyebrows pushed down to cause a frown on his smooth skin. You had travelled all the way here, lying to your parents about enrolling the best hero school in the nation only to hear your brother say it was useless? He could never live with himself if he told you that. Though he used to make fun of you for being quirkless when he was younger, it led him to realise how much pain you suffered. Before all of you moved to the US, you would constantly come home crying due to being beat up for not having a quirk. Hence why Hajime never wanted to mention you were quirkless.

"What makes a hero?" 

His question caught you off guard, your head rising and your eyes immediately snapping to his profile. He had the same uneasy expression on his face but his eyes managed to meet yours for a few seconds. "Is it your capability to fight? To save people? To save yourself? You have great potential and that IQ of yours can be used to hack into whatever computer there is. You used to go to a Military School, right? Then your fighting technique is great. It is not a typical 'hero fighting' style but it's great. That's all I can say." 

And that was all you said that car-ride. 

Once you reached Hajime's enormous house you used to stay in whenever you visited Japan, it felt strange knowing this is where you would live for the next three years. It was by the water, probably for Hajime to be able to boost his water-element whenever he felt like it. Out of all his four quirks, he preferred using water the most.

Which was hilarious to you; you could not swim. It was because of an incident that happened years ago, when you were only four years old. You and Hajime were arguing and he ended up pushing you in the river, wishing to activate your quirk but it never happened. Your father eventually came and helped you out, cussing Hajime out so badly your mother had to step in. Ever since then you never thought about stepping into the water. 

"What are you smiling about?" Hajime snickered as he parked the car. 

"Remember that time you pushed me into the river, almost killing me?" 

Hajime burst out laughing, giving you a slight push on your shoulder. He had so much anxiety over doing that to you, even though he was also only a child at the time he could have killed you. "No, I have no idea what you're talking about", he lied. "Your smiling about that? Someone is happy they have a fear of water now." You stuck your tongue out and unlocked your seatbelt while Hajime jokingly formed bubbles in his palm.

His enormous house had two floors and a security system, which he easily deactivated using his air-element. It was like magic, his fingers wiggled and suddenly there was a gentle sound of something unlocking.  

"Go ahead, I will drag in your luggage", Hajime said. "I'm sure someone has missed you." 

Your brain suddenly recalled what is on the other side, inside the house patiently waiting for you. A new wave of energy overpowered you as you hurried your way inside, the glass-doors automatically opening now when Hajime deactivated the security system. 

The German Shepherd quickly rushed your way, barking and jumping over to you as you pet his head. He had grown since five years ago, he was much larger and much stronger. If it was not for your firm muscles after all those years in Military School, the dog surely would have caused you to trip on the polished floor. 

"Shh, hey, it's late", Hajime hushed to the barking dog as he made his way inside. He snapped his fingers towards his dog, who could not care about him less and was busy bringing his toys for you to play with him. You played with him for a while, meanwhile, Hajime left your luggage upstairs in the same room you always stayed in. 

You brushed your teeth in one of his many bathrooms, changed your clothes and threw yourself down on the bed. Believe it or not, your house in the US was smaller than Hajime's house here. Though Hajime lived alone with his dog and you lived with your mother and father, your mother enjoyed having it all packed in place. Hajime had many spare-rooms, usually just filled with junk while your mother tried to keep it all impact. 

Since the first hero was born in China, most heroes lived in China. While almost everyone was a hero in China and Japan, the US had quite a few quirkless people, though it was over the majority it was not as much as Japan. Which was why your mother wanted to move there in the first place, the segregation in Japan eventually got to her.

And you understood where your mother came from. Closing your eyes, you recalled all the activities you could not participate in for being quirkless. Even though you told the other children you were "overly smart" — as you would explain it as a child, no one cared about that. Children don't care about your brain, they care about what you can do. And you could do nothing. When you heard you were moving to the US at the age of six, you could not be happier, though Hajime threw a fit over it. He didn't want to move; he was so popular here! He moved back to Japan only one year later to enrol U.A and had not returned to America since then. 

You pulled your phone out from underneath the covers of your soft bed and immediately went into media. The headline quickly caught your attention and you could not help but to close your eyes and exhale a heavy sigh. 


To prove the title, a picture of the two of you walking to his car was captured. Damn, the picture was taken by a good camera, it was diagonally from the front as you were walking next to Hajime. You did not even spot the camera, must have been someone with a camera-quirk of any kind. 

You scrolled down the article, it was published only ten minutes ago but it already made it to the front page. You were surprised they recognised you and glad they did not suspect the two of you dating, but your stomach twitched as you read what the article said.

The daughter of Alaric was born quirkless, causing the families powerful "Four Element" quirk to come to an end. However, pro-hero Godai inherited the powerful quirk and is still a hope to continue

You shut off your phone and tossed it away from you, watching it bounce off the bed and hit the floor. The Four Element quirk, earth, water, air and fire in one single person; also referred to one of the best quirks in existence and you were unlucky enough to not have it. Your father inherited from his father, hoping to have two offsprings with the powerful quirk but only managed to get one. It was always only on Hajime, he was the best one. Don't get the wrong idea you were proud over your brother — but what about you? Your IQ of 201? If this was from years ago, before heroes were born, you would have been all over the news. A high-school student with an IQ of 201 was marvellous, yet in this society it didn't matter. Not even enough to be mentioned in an article.

You patted down the uniform sent to you by mail. It was a grey skirt with a white blouse. It was too warm to wear the coat over, therefore you only pulled the red tie around your neck with the help of Hajime. Hajime was newly awake, with his hair all messed-up, showing his pointy ears he inherited after your father. His purples eyes focused on the red tie while his toothbrush rested inside his mouth. 

"Sure you don't want me to give you a ride?" he said, the toothbrush rattling against his teeth as the words came out. You shook your head, you did not want anyone to hang out with you simply because of your brother. Though it was obvious by your last name, and the article from yesterday, you wanted to leave an impression yourself. 

"Take care of yourself and call me if anything happens", Hajime sternly said while pulling the toothbrush out of his mouth so he could speak properly. "I might be at my agency but I've been practising flying with my air-element. I can get to your school if anyone tries to—" 

"I'm fine", you laughed out. "This is U.A, the best hero school in Japan, no? I think I will manage." 

"And what comes with heroes? Narcissism, pride, dignity... Imagine what they will think when—when someone like you..." Hajime let his sentence trail off as he realised what he was going to say. You did not take it personally; you had accepted yourself by now and simply shook your head. 

"It's fine, you can say it. It's not like I don't know I'm quirkless." 

"E-Either way, I want you to call me if even the smallest incident happens. Got it?" He pulled his first into a fistbump and rose one of his eyebrows. Your own fist made contact with his as you could not help but smile. 

"Got it, Godai." 

You avoided Hajime's swing with a loud laugh, sprinting out of the bathroom and down the stairs. He absolutely hated it when you called him by his hero-name, it was weird for you — his sibling, to call him those things when you knew his true identity.

You ran out of the house, the door automatically opening for you as you rushed out. Your shoes clicked against the asphalt and the sun was shining over your face. You pulled down the sunglasses your father purchased for you and pulled out your phone. 

U.A Academy (Shortest route: 12 minutes walk)

You looked down at your phone as you followed the given road. Looking around you, you noticed all type of people make their way on the streets. As you walked further away from the luxury neighbourhood of your brother to the more common area, you spotted all types of quirks. Some people were flying in the sky, others simply looked like their quirks. It fascinated you, though the majority in the US had quirks, it was not as common to see them as it was here. By now, it looked like you were the only one without one. 

The plan to not tell your class about being quirkless was ruined; the media yesterday exposed it quite clearly. Even though you had your hood on and you might not be recognisable, your last name gave it away. But maybe, actually — how many people knew Hajime's full name? Gah, scratch that, if they don't know his full name they still know your fathers. 

In your thoughts, you did not notice bumping straight into someone's back. You immediately rose your head and fixed your sunglasses before they fell off. The guy you bumped into glanced over his shoulder, indigo eyes much darker than Hajime's purple eyes, gazing at you with a bored expression. You apologised to him quickly but all he did was to hum. It was then you realised the reason why he stopped was that it was a red light, he waiting for the line to turn green much like everyone else. You awkwardly cleared your throat as you stood behind him. Once the lights turned green you walked quick steps to get past him. Hopefully, he was not going the same way as you.

But oh, he walked the exact same way as you. To the school gates, inside the school, up the stairs, down the hall — it started to creep you out. The fact that you felt his gaze stare at you the entire way caused shovers down your spine and you made yourself a deal; if he followed you to the teacher lounge you were going to cuss him out. Luckily, you saved yourself the embarrassment as he continued down the hall while you stopped by the teacher's lounge. Oh yeah — now when you finally got a glimpse of him again he was indeed wearing your school uniform! You should have thought of that earlier. 

As soon as your knuckles made contact with the door, the door swung open and there was a man, probably in his thirties, welcoming you gladly. He called you by your first name and pulled you into a tight hug, squeezing you so hard you could barely breathe. 

"Yamada, let her go before she passes out", another voice behind him said. The loud and energetic man listened to the female behind him as he let you go. You stumbled a bit backwards and fixed the sunglasses resting on top of your head. His hair was going straight up, probably a whole bottle of hair-spray and yellow glasses covered his eyes. 

"Well, uh—Hello, nice to meet you. I'm—" 

"OH PLEASE!" He laughed and clapped your back. "I know who you are! How could we not? We've been waiting for you!" 

"Oh really? I've also been—" 

"You can call me Present Mic!" he interrupted you again while stretching out his hand. "This is what you do in America, yeah? You shake hands!" You stared down at his outstretched hand and slowly placed your tinier hand in his. As he shook you, your entire body flew up and down. The woman behind him, dressed in a not-so-teacher-like-outfit, with black long hair and red glasses threw a hit to the back of his head, causing his actions to stop and an opportunity for you to pull your hand away. 

"I'm sorry, he's a huge fan of your father", the woman laughed. As she mentioned your father, Present Mic's eyes instantly twinkled as he went on gushing about your father. Him being number one hero, the Four Elements quirk, blablabla. If you had a coin for every time someone mentioned your father's skills to you, you would be rich by now. Richer than any family member of yours. 

"I'm Midnight", the woman finally presented herself. "We are happy to have you here, IQ of 201? That's insane! You also differ from the rest of the students. Which is a good thing, we love variation, right!" Present Mic nodded his head, the smile never leaving his face. You could not help but smile a hidden smile yourself — someone finally mentioned your IQ! 

"Yes! And I am sure your fellow students will like it too! Excited to meet them?" Present Mic cheerfully exclaimed. 

You remained quiet for a few seconds, making sure Present Mic would not interrupt you until you finally spoke. You were interested, who would not be? Your father sent you to a Military School in the US where everyone believed they were better than each other depending on their wealth (which you easily won). Having someone quirkless in the military was outrageous for some, every day you suffered segregation and when it was finally announced you left to live in Japan, all the teachers celebrated. Here, though it might be the same with people having hubris, it was for a different reason than wealth. It was about power and that had you interested. 

"Your teacher is probably in the classroom already. An old habit of staying up late and sleeping at day, you know? Come, I'll show you!" Before you could say anything or at least question what on earth Present Mic was talking about, he pulled you with him down the hallway. You thought you were on time, but the teacher was already in the classroom? Oh, great, the new student came late to her first class. That would not leave a good impression, would it? 

Present Mic left you in front of a door, a red "A" covering the door. He leaned himself against the wall next to you and nodded his head as a signal for you to knock. However, as you rose your hand to knock, the man once again interrupted you. 

"Is that they do in A M E R I C A? Class starts in—" He peeped at the clock in the hallway. "—In three minutes! You don't have to knock, just get inside!" 

"Wouldn't that leave a bad impression? Especially if my teacher is inside." 

"Who cares about impressions!? Jeez!" Present Mic pulled the door open for you with such a force it echoed down the crowded hallway. With a strong push from him, you stumbled inside the classroom and managed to save yourself from falling the last second. 

You glanced over your shoulder and saw the man give you a thumbs up before closing the door after him, leaving you in the quietness of Class 1-A. You gulped down your salvia as you straighten your back and pulled down your skirt. It seemed as your entrance caused all of them to freeze, one guy was just about to shove a handful of cookies into his mouth but stopped right at the second when you entered. It felt like you were inside a movie and it froze because no one dared to do a single move. 

"Well, ehum!" You pulled on your red tie by your throat as you spoke out loud and clear. "I'm the new student. Nice to meet you all!" 

And then hell broke loose.

Okay so I feel like I need to mention this for people who are not familiar with my writing style:

I always have siblings lol makes it easier for the personal story to get going (don't worry, we will like Hajime much more than Amélie).

I don't have a set "lover", I kinda decide depending on what mood I am in. Usually, I have various + one specific person, but I am actually not sure how this story will play out. This entire story is basically an idea I had after I shifted to mha gahahah.

And finally but most importantly: I don't mention ages in my stories, I leave that up to the reader. Since I kind of (key word: kind of) follow the anime, I have to say that they are in high school or whatever but I will never actually mention anyone's age. Therefore, there might be scenes with alcohol, cigarettes, sex... all that crap I recommended minors not to get involved in.

just so you are aware. so long, bear well. 

"There is no great genius without a touch of madness" - Aristotle (384–322 BC)