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Jar of hearts (total drama island x curvy black girl)

Asteria Venus was tricked into a TV show scam by her trustworthy best friend.

Battling through challenges and craziness of the show as well as tension.

Will she fall in love first or would people fall for her first?

There was only supposed to be 22 players but the producer decided last minute to add another person behind Chris's back.

Will he fall in love?


Chapter 1

*Camera on*

"Hi my name is Rhea and I'm not auditioning for this show, this is for my best friend. She needs to go out more however she had no idea that I'm auditioning her."

Rhea walk around the house with the camera pointing it towards a woman with a voluptuous figure. 

She had long dreadlocks that were accessorised with gold bands, that reached past her butt. It looked smooth and silky. Her eyes looked sharp and dark gold eyes. She had noticeable moles one under her eye and plumped lips.

She had dark brown skin that shined under the sunlight. It looked smooth and soft. She wore a solid black colour tee shirt with a split thigh skirt. She hand gold bands on her thighs, arms and wrists as well as a necklace. 

"Rhea, why do you have a camera?" Asteria asked. Her voice was silky smooth, it could put babies to sleep. 

"You look amazing, like girl I'll turn bi for you actually scratch, that I'll turn lesbian," Rhea hyped up her best friend while she posed for the camera giggling.  Rhea forgot for a minute why she was recording. "I'm just documenting about you for your future self," she smiled.

If she told her the real reason, she'll flip and then murder me.

Asteria just nodded "What do you want to know?" She sat down and looked at the camera. 

"I need your name, age, hobbies and maybe if you were given a chance to go to a resort to win $100,000 would you go?" Asteria looked at her suspiciously, it was oddly specific but her best friend is weird so it doesn't really matter. 

"My name is Asteria Venus and I'm 17 years old. I like singing, reading, cooking and trying out new things. If I could go to a resort to win $100,000 I would, it sounds like so much fun but why would you ask that?"

"No reason, last question. How would you describe yourself?"

"I don't know, how would you describe me?" She rested her elbow on the table and cupped her cheek in her hands, she smirked slightly at her friend. 

Rhea got  behind her friend and pointed the camera at both of them "She's sweet and kind, can be seductive without realizing it and she'll be an excellent contestant!" Asteria snapped her head towards her friend "What!?"

"I hope you take my lovely sunshine byeeeee"

*Camera off*

Rhea quickly uploaded the video to the website with an already filled application.

"What did you do!?" Asteria asked glaring at her. 

"I signed you up for a resort contest TV show, don't worry it's in a five-star hotel and theirs even a hot tub," She assured her.

Asteria sighed, there was nothing she could do 'it might be fun'

"Fine, I'll go. It might be fun in the end"

Rhea squealed and hugged her friend "I'll pack your bags and you don't need to worry about anything. I'll buy the things you need"

Asteria trusted her friend, she knows everything about her. 

'I need to buy her some lingerie and those cute bikinis' Rhea smirked at the thought 'She going to steal the whole show'

The top picture is Asteria Venus