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Watching The Movies

What happens when eight movies and a note from some one claiming to be from the future shows up on Halloween of 1977.
If you're reading my other fanfic, Serenity Lily Potter, don't read this(or do and get a lot of things spoiled).

The Movies

I know you're probably like, "Wanda, people don't do A/N before they start their stories" but if you're reading my other Harry Potter fanfic, Serenity Lily Potter, this had MAJOR spoilers for it(even ones I haven't written yet). Anyway, happy reading!

Halloween 1997

     All five of the Marauders were sitting together at the Gryffindor table, James Potter was gazing at the girl he had like since the beginning of time, aka first year, Lily Evans; Sirius Black were laughing at James; Remus Lupin and Brooklyn Weasley were reading ; and Peter wasn't really doing anything.

     "Do you think she'll go out with me?" James asked.

     "No," Brooke said, not looking up from her book. She was the only one on speaking terms with Lily, and she personally thought that they would be adorable together. Like more adorable than her and Sirius - yes her and Sirius Black were dating - and they were supposedly the cutest couple Hogwarts had ever seen.

     Suddenly a bright light filled the Hall and eight movies, a TV, and a note appeared in front of Dumbledore. He opened the note and a woman's voice spoke.

      "Greetings from 2020, you have just received eight movies about mine and my twin brother's life. If they have not arrived yet, a few people will be coming to watch with you," as if on cue, the Weasleys, the Blacks, the Tonkses, and the Potters.

       "What are you guys doing here?" Brooke said as she got and went to see her brother, sister-in-law, and nephews.

     Percy , who was the youngest at years old, ran up to her yelling, "Auntie Book!"

      When Bill was younger he couldn't say his Rs, so he would say 'Book' instead of 'Brooke', and with her love of reading it stuck.

     "We got a letter saying we needed to come here," Molly said holding up a letter. The others held up identical letters, but the Blacks' had a P.S saying that if they didn't come, whoever wrote the letters would personally hunt them down.

      James greeted his parents, but Sirius stayed right where he was. Once everyone was done catching up, and James and Brooke, the latter with her youngest nephew on her lap, sat back down at the Gryffindor table, the letter began talking again:

     "Now that you're all here you may begin watching.

     Mischief Managed.


     P.S, a few people might join you after a while."

     Once the letter was finished speaking, the tables transfigured themselves into couches, the first movie flew into the DVD player and began to play.