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Dispel the Darkness

The third installment of The Yuudai Chronicles, after Not So Much a Monster and Return of the Yuudai Clan.

The Yuudai Clan has returned with Nami at the head at Sunagakure, and Katsumiyo hunting down the sole reason the Yuudai fell; the demon Gekimetsu, that has haunted her former guardian, Akane Uzumaki, for several generations. Katsumiyo has departed from her village to seek and destroy Gekimetsu once and for all. Meanwhile, Madara Uchiha rises from the darkness, and plots a war in hopes of achieving his goal of getting Kurama and Damini in his evil grasp. With an oncoming war looming in the distance, Katsumiyo and Naruto’s original goal of bringing Sasuke and Takara home is once more delayed as they fight to survive, and fight to keep their loved ones safe from harm.

Chapter 1: The Reckless Yuudai & The Puppet Boy

After Not So Much A Monster & Return of the Yuudai Clan

Disclaimer: We still don't own Naruto & Naruto Shippuden. We still only own our ocs. We still hope you enjoy.


Chapter 1: The Reckless Yuudai & The Puppet Boy


Gaara of the desert sighed, looking over his papers as he thought about things, random things, trying to avoid thinking about a certain topic. He thought of the topic of his last name, for instance. Some of the villagers of Suna dubbed his surname as Sabaku. Everyone did, even in the Leaf village, but that wasn’t his last name at all. It was just a title. Sabaku meant ‘desert’. In fact, he and his siblings didn’t quite want to go by their real last name, so they learned to accept ‘Sabaku’, no matter how ridiculous it sounded.

Gaara looked up from his desk, and paperwork, when his older sister entered. Temari was dragging Kankuro behind her, as her expression looked unamused.

Gaara frowned, she was angry. Did she hear about the topic he didn’t want to speak of?


Most likely.


Temari placed a hand on the desktop. “Gaara,” she began, using a gentle tone. Gaara looked to his older sister, and she looked absolutely livid. If she were an enemy, he’d be quite scared.

Temari could always be scary whenever she wanted. She was good at that.

“Yes?” He wondered, aloud.

Temari’s smile unnerved him, “I heard something while I was out walking in the city. About Katsumiyo Yuudai,”

She knows. She always knows.

“You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you?”

Gaara honestly couldn’t remember ever meeting Katsumiyo while she lived in the village as a child. Perhaps Temari knew her well, but he was completely certain Kankuro knew her. Of course he did. He talked about her constantly.

“Temari,” Kankuro began, and Temari glared at him; making him go silent.

“I was given a message from the current Hokage, Tsunade Senju. I was wondering how to word it to the both of you.” Gaara confessed. “Katsumiyo Yuudai was reported to have left the Leaf Village on her own, with some sort of personal mission.”

“Where do you think she could’ve gone?” asked Kankuro.

Gaara didn’t want to shrug, but that’s what ended up happening. “I’m not certain.”

Kankuro sighed, frustrated.

“We should stay on the lookout. We are not sending any forces on a wild goose chase, are we?” Temari replied, noticing Kankuro’s edginess.

Gaara agreed with her statement, “Only if she’s spotted somewhere in our borders.”

Temari nodded, and Gaara watched his older sibling’s leave the room. He clenched his fist; he didn’t know Katsumiyo Yuudai as much, or as long as, or even as well as his older sibling’s did, but they had something in common, she is a jinchuuriki, like he had been, and they both were born in the Sand. It wasn’t much, but it was a start. They were both friends with Naruto Uzumaki, and Gaara was fairly certain that Naruto would feel anguished if all his friends went missing. Gaara felt that it was part of his duty to help Naruto shove Katsumiyo home.

He heaved a heavy sigh, and glanced out the window that was behind him, the sun shining brightly, giving off rays of blistering heat that reached the sand below.

Kankuro was angry.

Angry with Gaara and Temari’s orders of staying put until further instruction, angry with the Leaf Village for not finding Katsumiyo sooner, and above all, angry at Katsumiyo for leaving her village in the first place. Wasn’t she aware of the danger!? The Akatsuki was still out there!

He wanted to punch something.

He didn’t even realize that his window was open, how could he? He was too occupied by his anger.

Someone tapped his shoulder, and uncaring about the consequences, he whirled around, and blindly punched with all his might.

The person that he bunched backed up, two hands covering their nose, as a small trail of sand closed the open door in case anyone was walking down the hall.

Kankuro blinked, seeing the figure before him, assessing them, analyzing them.

‘Them’ was a she.

A very, very, beautiful she.

That ‘she’ had light blonde hair, platinum blonde, and it was cut short, her bangs framing her gorgeous face, and two dazzling sapphire blue eyes. Around her neck was a simple necklace...She wore a mesh undershirt, a loose black top, black shorts, fishnet leggings, and shinobi sandal-styled boots. Around her waist was a utility belt full of scrolls, and finally a sword sheathed at her hip.

Kankuro’s jaw dropped.

Ow,” Katsumiyo Yuudai’s first words aloud were, “That hurt, ass.

Kankuro sweatdropped, “What’re you doing here? What happened to your hair?” He ran his fingers through her short locks, as he interrogated her, “And why did you leave Konohagakure to begin with, you reckless shithead?”

“I’m hunting.” Katsu replied, her voice like music to his ears, “And you’re being unreasonable. Do you punch everyone for a greeting?”

Kankuro rolled his eyes, as Katsumiyo plopped on his bed, taking out a pouch, and summoning a first aid kit from it before cleaning her face of blood. Luckily, he didn’t break anything with his wicked punch.

I’m being unreasonable? You left your village, all by yourself!” He shouted.

“Shh!” Katsu hissed, “And it wouldn’t be the first time. I’m fine. I just need to do something.”

“Oh, right, why wouldn’t you bring a team with you? Hell, even Naruto would be fine!”

“Because Naruto doesn’t understand why. Where’s Takeshi?”


“Yes. Where is he?”

Kankuro sighed, sitting on his bed beside her as she put away the medical kit. “You have two eyes.”

“I’m aware.” she quipped.


Katsu set her gaze on him, and replied, “Please tell me. It’s important.”

Kankuro sighed, “Takeshi went on a solo mission a week ago. You’ve just missed him.”


“He went to the Land of Waves.” Kankuro answered.

Katsu groaned, and stood up, “Then, that’s where I’m going.” she grumbled. Kankuro took her arm before she raced out of the village. “Why? What’s so important? If you don’t tell me then I have to shout. I have to alert the entire village you’re here.”

Katsu squinted, and sighed, “Akio Yuudai, my grandfather, he told me the truth. What really happened that night, October 10th, the day Naruto was born, and the day the Yuudai Clan was destroyed to near extinction.”

Kankuro nodded for her to continue. So, she did, “Well, to pretty much sum it up, Takeshi was possessed by something dark; Gekimetsu. Gekimetsu forced Akane to kill my clan mates, and my parents. There was no other option. It’s my job to bring an end to Gekimetsu, and if I can’t rid of Gekimetsu, then, Takeshi must die.”

“Katsu-” Kankuro warned, and she shook her head, “There is no other solution. I’ve thought long and hard on it. It’s either Gekimetsu or Takeshi. In the end, Gekimetsu goes.”

Kankuro nodded in understanding, “Don’t do anything stupid.”

“No promises, puppet-boy.” Katsu responded, softly, with a small smile, remembering the exact same exchange of words before her team went on a mission to save Gaara from the Akatsuki.

This small exchange of words was followed by a kiss, and later, Katsumiyo was over the village using her kekkei genkai to travel on a sand cloud, heading towards the Land of Waves, memories and strategies bouncing back and forth in her mind.

But still, was she ready to face the fearsome force that was the cause of nearly her entire clan’s destruction?

When the moment comes that the sky turns red,

and an army of the undead rises,

the wolves will howl their last song,

a hero will rise and shall bring forth the dawn of a new age

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