"When they are gone, when every last life has been stolen, how will you remember them? Extinction is forever."
Love writing, drawing, and computer stuff! 
Animals are my passion; they don't have a voice, so you'll never stop hearing mine. 
You guys are the best!
Hope you enjoy my stuff!

Random Romance Story Scenes

A collection of random scenes from random romance stories I have written over the years.

Your Role in a Horror Film

Who would you be in a horror film? This may be offensive, as people end up dead. But it's a horror film, people are expected to end up dead.

You in One Word

One word that describes your personality.
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8 Voices

Which of the eight voices of humanity would you be?

How well do you know Big Hero 6 *harder*

This is my second BH6 quiz which is a bit harder, so put on your BH6 thinking caps!
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